January 14, 2019 - Today, Kings Crew Gaming enters Fortnite and will be adding four (4) new members to the organization.

Each individual is incredibly talented and collectively they bring many years of competitive gaming to the organization.

Meet the new Fortnite members:

JOSHUA “DOLPHIN RIDER” McAllister - Returning ex-TF2 professional DOLPHIN RIDER will be competing under the Kings Crew organization. DOLPHIN RIDER played for Kings Crew Gaming one year ago as a starting scout. He left after ESEA-IM Season 27 to pursue Fortnite competitively.

My name is Joshua "DOLPHIN RIDER" McAllister. Since 2011, I've played FPS and TPS games competitively in semi-pro and pro circuits. My main games & accomplishments include: GunZ: The Duel (2008-2014) -- placed 1st in the 128-player International Gladiator Tournament on Aeria Games; Team Fortress 2 (2014-2018) -- played ESEA Open and IM for Kings Crew, over 5000 hours of scrim & 1v1 experience as a Scout main; and Fortnite (2018 - current) -- placed Top 3 Squads in FNPL's Inaugural Season on Chosen Few, have multiple seasons of experience on StepOneBR and FNPL Squads and Duos.”

Noah "Seven Steps" Martinez - Partnering with DOLPHIN, Seven Steps is a competitive gamer with over 15 years of gaming.

“Hey! A little bit about myself, I've been playing games for over 15 years now and competitively speaking for the last 10 years. I spent the last couple of years in Overwatch where I was a multi-seasonal top 500 player but I'm now putting my focus into Fortnite where I look to compete and push the boundaries in competitive. Whether it be wager matches, in game tournaments or LANs I'll be looking to dominate…“

Ethan “Ethan” FN - Is a 14 year old competitive Fortnite player who currently holds #4 position in the United States for highest K/D in Duo.

“He is a high fragger, highly energized, motivated individual. Leading up to this announcement it is clear to me that Ethan has set big goals for himself. I’m excited to not only see what this individual is capable of, but also providing him the support and backing to out perform his competition… “ - Aaron J. Griffith, Founder.

and lastly..

Michael “Pebble” Gladstone - Pebble is a 16 year old competitive Fortnite player. He currently holds the #9 in the United States for K/D in Duos and #11 in win percentage. When he is not pub stomping he is an avid pop-up cup and scrim player. Pebble is looking forward to achieving great success in the Kings Crew organization.

“I was very impressed with my conversation with Pebble. Here is an individual who is incredibly articulate, calm, and well read. I’m so happy to see him paired with other experienced individuals and equally grateful to have him as part of this organization. Pebble and Ethan are an insane duo. Pebble, Ethan, Dolphin and Seven… well you’ll need to wait and see, but I don’t think it’ll be a long wait. Looking forward to this year for sure…” - Aaron J. Griffith, Founder